Our highly trained cleaners are capable of meeting all your cleaning needs as they possess the necessary skills and experience to provide a high quality of service to our clients. Only the highest quality of service will be delivered through appropriately and professionally trained workforce
Rope access is a form of work positioning, initially developed from techniques used in climbing and caving, which applies practical ropework to allow workers to access difficult-to-reach locations without the use of scaffolding, cradles or an aerial work platform.
Taking photocopies, transferring files, maintaining stationary and pantry stocks are a few of the nature of tasks of an office boy. Ability to communicate English / Arabic / Hindi or any ethnic language could be provided as per client’s requirement.
Job duties usually include tasks like typing, filing, taking inventory, keeping records and sorting checks. They may also prepare documents, process mail and answer telephone job duties usually include tasks like typing, filing, taking inventory, keeping records
A lifeguard is a rescuer who supervises the safety and rescue of swimmers, surfers, and other water sports participants such as in a swimming pool, water park, or beach. Lifeguards are strong swimmers and trained in CPR/AED first Aid, certified in water rescue
AGFM will take care of all your Pest Control needs. Our team of well-trained staffs and professional experts constantly works on preventive methods, use latest technologies and environmentally safe approach, as well as educate people to control practices that might cause pest issues, therefore prevent the pest from spreading and eliminate the source of it.
We are an innovative company with a clear goal of providing turnkey solutions with an emphasis on green technology and pollution controlled systems. We are taking part in generating sustainable and efficient methodology to enable a better life. Our services include but not limited to collection, transportation, monitoring, and disposal or recycling of waste.